Executive Committee

President: Mae White (mae.white@flinders.edu.au)

Vice President: Sarah Keast (keas0012@flinders.edu.au)

Secretary: Marc Fairhead

Treasurer: Chelsea Wiseman (wise0067@flinders.edu.au)

General Committee

Publications Editor: Position Vacant 

Indigenous Representative: Position Vacant

Field Work Coordinator: Grace Dennis-Toone (denn0111@flinders.edu.au)

Undergraduate RepresentativeEmily Pannell (pann0032@flinders.edu.au)

Undergraduate Representative: Megan Green (gree0351@flinders.edu.au)

Postgraduate and Other Member Representative: Marian Bailey (bail0164@flinders.edu.au)

Social Activities Coordinator: Mae Stace (stac0069@flinders.edu.au)

For general enquiries, please email info@flindersarchsoc.org

For sales enquiries, please email sales@flindersarchsoc.org

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