1. The name of the prize shall be the ArchSoc Members Award for Service to the Society.
  2. The total value of each prize shall be $50.
  3. There will be a maximum of three award recipients each year.
  4. The recipient shall be both a current student at Flinders University and a current member of the Flinders University Archaeological Society (ArchSoc), but cannot be/have been a current member of the general or executive committees during the awarded year.
  5. The recipient/s of the prize shall be determined by the ArchSoc general and executive committees.
  6. Each committee member may nominate up to three current members who have demonstrated the greatest contribution to the Society in terms of volunteering, fundraising, advertising or otherwise furthering the objectives of ArchSoc during the awarded year. Each nomination must be supported by a suitable justification.
  7. The committee will deliberate and determine the most suitable recipient/s based on the nominations.
  8. In the case of more than one suitable recipient, the prize shall be divided equally between them, to a maximum of three award recipients.
  9. The prize shall be awarded annually to no more than three members at the Archaeology Department’s award ceremony, unless the committees have judged that no suitable nominations have been received.

Nomination form (please download the form and save it to your desktop before you make any changes):

ArchSoc Members Award Nomination Form

Previous recipients:

2013: Celeste Jordan, Vanessa Sullivan, Tyler Whitmarsh; 2014: not awarded as yet.

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