We wish to announce the 2nd semester’s ArchSoc pubcrawl for 2012, which will be held in North Adelaide! This semester’s theme was voted by you as the most popular theme: “Our Lives Are In Ruins” – get it?

Because…the ruins…and…it’s funny.


Anyway. We’ve been busy little bees, and are pleased to say that most details are available, namely the pubs and drink specials – you may find them below:

7pm – 9pm: The Archer Hotel
For between $6-$7, you can get:
– an RPG (a mixer, e.g. Vodka Cruiser, or Smirnoff);
– spirits; OR
– schooner of beer, or a stubby

9pm -10pm: The Daniel O’Connell Hotel
– $5.50 pints of Carlton Draft, or Pale Ale
– $5.50 Vodka + mixer
– another possible special TBA

10pm – 11pm: The Oxford Hotel
– $5.50 Coronas
– $6.00 pints of Little Creatures Cider
– $5.00 Vodka + mixer
– $3 schooners of Super Dry
– $3.50 5 Seeds Cider
– $6.00 pints of Golden Ales
– $6.00 Wounded Bull cocktails

11pm – 12 midnight: The Caledonian
– $4.00 Carlton Dry pints
– $4.00 Cascade Light

You can buy a shirt (even if you’re not going on the pub crawl) here.

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